December 21, 2012

Year In Review

I'm doing this a little early this year. I'm going to be super busy with putting all my things into boxes over the next couple of weeks, so I wanted to be sure and get this done BEFORE the end of the year. Here is my year in review:


January began with beautiful, quite unseasonably warm weather.

I saw my first live owl (it's my favorite kind of bird).

And we got a little bit of snow, which quickly melted a few days later.


The crazy warm winter continued into February. I took advantage and went to the playground.

In the latter half of the month it finally snowed enough for me to use my sled. It was my first time sledding, and I loved it!

My grandma and grandpa from Utah came out to visit, and we went to the Sea Life Aquarium in the Mall of America.

We also visited the Guthrie Theater, which has some interesting architectural details.


In March, my grandpa from Thunder Bay came to visit. We went to the Como Zoo and checked out the spring flower arrangement in the Marjorie McNeely Conservatory.

And I got a new haircut.


In April I met the Easter Bunny.

I was excited to find candy and a couple other small treats left behind by the Easter Bunny on Easter morning.

I visited Gale Woods Farm, where I was able to pet chicks, goats, sheep, and a sheep dog.

And I enjoyed the tulips at the MN Landscape Arboretum.


May was a super busy month! I practiced learning and writing my alphabet.

I learned how to kick a soccer ball.

I attended a tree-climbing competition, then showed off my own monkey skills.

I walked through the Quaking Bog in Theodore Wirth Park in Minneapolis.

I took my first field trip.

It warmed up enough to swim outdoors.

I met Smokey the Bear.

I planted a tree with Dad.

And I made friends with a turtle.


In June I saw the dinosaurs at the Minnesota Zoo.

And I rode a camel!


In July I visited the Eidem Homestead.

I lit sparklers on the fourth of July.

I got my nails painted for the first time.

And I got caught riding in the back of a police cruiser.

I visited a historic town called The Landing, which sits along the Minnesota River.

And I watched gold finches devour flowers I planted.


In August I had a stay-cation with Mom and Dad. We visited The Works museum.

We stopped by the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden.

We took a hike in Elm Creek Park.

We paddled around the lake at Clifton French Park.

I ate my first Sno Cone.

I took my first ride on a big amusement park ride. And I loved it.

I also took my first ride by myself on an amusement park ride. I'm not scared of anything.

I hiked up sandstone bluffs.

And I investigated Interstate State Park.


In September I played at the Tamarack Nature Center.

I also checked out the MN Landscape Arboretum's new natural play area. Both were a lot of fun.

I saw the scarecrow exhibit at the arboretum.

And I turned three at the end of the month.


In October I enjoyed the fall leaves.

I made my annual trip to a pumpkin patch.

And I dressed as a skeleton from the Day of the Dead for Halloween.


In November I could feel winter coming.


And in December I helped Mom make chocolate chip cookies (I did most of the work).

Christmas is coming in a few days. I'm sure I'll have more photos to post!

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