September 4, 2013

A Walk and Swimming at Lake Elmo

These pictures were taken about a month ago.

August was a busy month, with a lot of running around.

It was hard to get a moment in to rest, let alone edit pictures.

So, you'll be seeing a lot of end of summer posts as the weather turns to cooler, more fall-like temps.

And you'll be seeing more pictures of swimming.

I already miss swimming.

Anyway, I went for a walk with Mom in early August at a park called Lake Elmo.

We were at the park so I could go swimming, but it was still a little cool when we arrived, which is why we took a walk first.

I found this small field of wildflowers. 

And I even felt sort of, kind of in the mood to let Mom take pictures of me.

I mostly don't like the camera right now.

It must be a three-year-old thing because Mom has heard the same thing from other parents, that their three-year-olds don't cooperate in being in pictures.

But that's okay because sometimes Mom sneaks in cute shots when I don't even notice.

As long as my play isn't interrupted, I don't care.

Lake Elmo has a swim pond just like the pond I used to visit at Elm Creek in Maple Grove, MN.

I love swimming, and I love having places like this to go to.

I can play in the water while Mom sits on the beach.

It's perfect.

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