September 27, 2013

Along the North Shore

On our way home from Thunder Bay, we took our time driving along the North Shore. We made a stop at Grand Portage National Monument, knocking another National Park unit off of our list.

The park sits only a few miles from the U.S. and Canadian border on Lake Superior.

The site was one of the fur trading posts for the Northwest Company, similar to Fort William, but smaller.

The views of the lake from this spot were beautiful.

After Grand Portage, we continued on to Cascade River State Park. 

A short walk through the woods takes visitors to spots along the river where they can view the cascading waterfalls.

Our last stop on the way home was at Gooseberry Falls State Park. That was probably the most fun spot to stop because of all of the places to play in water.

You can also easily wade over to the rocks right next to the falls. Evie loved getting close to the running water.

And, of course, Evie soaked her clothes playing in the water. Thankfully, I had my fleece jacket with me, so we changed her out of her wet clothes and into my jacket for the walk back to the car.

Before leaving the park, we walked over to a rocky and beachy area by Lake Superior.


Lastly, we took a more scenic route through Duluth. Hopefully, we'll get a chance to stay a few nights in Duluth and explore it more sometime soon. It looks like a beautiful city.

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