September 29, 2013

Finding a Toad

Evie and I went for a walk a couple of weeks ago nearby the Harriet Alexander Nature Center.

It was a short walk through some woods and alongside a marsh.

We came across a memorial wildflower garden. It hadn't been taken care of in some years and the benches in the garden were quite deteriorated. It was a little sad to see.

On our way back, we encountered a little toad hopping down the trail in front of us. He wasn't too shy, and I easily caught him for Evie to get a closer look.

The toad sat on Evie's hand for a minute, long enough for me to snap a few photos, then he hopped off and back onto the trail. I encouraged him to hop off into the some leaves at the side of the trail, where he was less likely to be seen by a hawk or squashed by a shoe.

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