June 2, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend

We kept our Memorial Day weekend pretty relaxed, mostly spending our time appreciating the nice weather and our garden.

We did clean out a portion of the yard on Saturday. It was a section off to the side of our deck that the previous owner used as a chicken run. It was all dirt, with this incredibly ugly cage left behind that we nicknamed the naughty child cage. (The picture below was taken last year.)

Yeah, not the most attractive part of our yard. 

It was a lot of hard work cleaning up, but we managed to get rid of everything we hated about the space, lay down wood chips, and turn it into something that, at least, is no longer an eyesore. Eventually, I hope to create a new garden area in here.

Meanwhile, we are trying to manage the gardens we do have. 

Mostly, we're just trying to manage weeds. The flowers we simply enjoy.

Evie really likes exploring the garden and helping ensure the plants and grass stay watered.

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