April 13, 2014

Circus Juventas Open House

Circus Juventas is a "performing arts youth circus school." They held an open house (to celebrate their 20th anniversary) on Saturday, and we decided to go check it out.

It was busy, but not too overwhelming. Lines moved quickly enough, and the more popular activities were worth waiting for.

Evie on the balance beam

A short performance -- performers entertained visitors every hour

Evie sitting still while having her face "painted"

 Evie pretty interested in the results

Swinging on the trapeze -- don't let the serious facial expressions fool you, Evie was having a lot of fun

One more time on the balance beam, this time going it alone

Balancing on a ball

After visiting the craft table

A Walk in the Park

Evie and I tried to soak up as much warm weather and sunshine as we could this past week. We ended the week with a walk in a nearby nature park. I initially planned to go to another, but it was closed (I assume only until it gets a little further along into the spring season). It was nice to get out for a walk somewhere other than the neighborhood.

April 9, 2014

In My Garden

Evie declared today that she loves gardening. Well, I will have to put that statement to the test this spring.

I had plans to rake out the garden beds today, but the wind took over, and it became a useless chore. So, I took to photographing a few plants that have emerged from the ground.


Persian Pearl Tulips

Red Tulips

Glad to See the Ground Again

I don't know who is more ready for warmer, we can finally play outside weather: Evie or me.

Maybe the birds?

I spent an hour yesterday cleaning the gardens, unearthing the first signs of life. Our columbines are popping up, as well as some tulips. The buds on our red maple are beginning to push out. It's a relief to see.

I'm pretty sure Evie spent the entire hour outside running. And don't be fooled by the pictures of Evie wearing her winter hat and fleece jacket. Within ten minutes she had shed both and was running in short sleeves.

Later in the afternoon, Jon and I walked with Evie to a nearby playground to let her use up more energy. With all of that time spent outside, we had one super happy kid.

April 4, 2014

Can't Always Get What You Want ... Like Spring

It snowed last night, enough to need to shovel today. If the forecast for next week holds, the snow should melt off quickly enough. And hopefully it will be our last significant storm. I'm ready to be done with white and start seeing some green. The good side to snow in April is that it's warm enough to play outside without getting cold.