February 29, 2012

Beginning to Look a lot like Winter

Well, it only took until the end of February for us to get a big winter storm. We had ice rain last night, then it snowed about 4-6 inches (the initial predictions were for 6-12 inches). It wasn't much fun to drive in (according to Mom), but it was a lot of fun to go play in.

Dad went sledding with me, while Mom took pictures.

I hugged a snowman made by one of our neighbors.

 I searched for sticks buried in the snow.

And I found some!

Hmmm... What happens if I pull on this branch?

Oh no! Snow in the face!

Not cool, Tree. Not cool!

I decided it would be better to stick to brushing snow off of lower branches.

I got one more picture with Dad.

Then I went sledding down the hill all by myself!

I wanted to keep sledding, but Mom and Dad were too tired, so we went inside and ate yummy soup for dinner. A perfect end to a snowy day.

February 27, 2012

Got the Rhythm in Me

No matter where I am, or what else I'm doing, if I hear a good song, I have to dance.

February 25, 2012

Guthrie Theater

I visited the Guthrie Theater today with my parents and grandparents. The building includes some interesting architecture.

There are large windows with great views of the city.

They're also reflective to give you different perspectives to look at.

On the ninth floor of the theater is a room called The Amber Room. All of the windows have a yellow tint. The architect wanted to create a happy space. He thought about how he was happiest when he was skiing, so he had the windows colored the same as ski goggles. 

February 24, 2012

A Day at the Mall of America

My grandparents (paternal) are in town and today they took me to the Sea Life Aquarium at the Mall of America.

We walked past the Lego store first to look at the cool sculptures they have built out of Legos.

Then I spotted the roller coasters in the amusement park part and wanted to go over there.

So, we took a few minutes to watch the rides. They used to scare me, but now I get excited about them. Hopefully, soon, I'll be big enough to go on some.

At the aquarium I watched some stingrays swim around.

I made friends with a fish.

I touched a star fish, but only after Mom touched it first.

I saw really pretty jellyfish. 

And I saw a seahorse.

The last part of the aquarium includes a big, underwater tunnel we got to walk through. There were three or four sections to the underwater tunnel, with various fish, sharks, and turtles.

I had a lot of fun.

February 21, 2012

I Get to go Sledding, Finally!

It snowed somewhere between 2 - 4 inches last night. I was very excited when I saw the ground blanketed in white this morning. I was even more excited when Mom grabbed out my snow pants (the tag was still on them!), my snow boots, my hat, my gloves, my coat, and my sled.

We have a small hill behind our home. It was perfect for my first time sledding. At first, Mom pulled me behind her on the sled and took pictures. Then, she pulled me halfway up the hill and let me slide down it on my own. I could have gone sledding for the rest of the day if Mom had have let me!

February 20, 2012

Morning Imagination

Morning Conversation with Mom

After Mom comes in my room to get me dressed for the day and take me downstairs for breakfast, I walk over to the door in my bedroom, peek behind it, crouch down, and say:

Me: Ohhhh, look!
Mom: What is it?
Me: Look!

Mom crawls over to see what I see.

Mom: What do you see?
Me: A turtle!

I point to a piece of lint.

Me: Look! A turtle!

I pick up the piece of lint.

Me: Look! It's on my hand!
Mom: Yep, it's on your hand.
Me: Ohhhh, it's soft! Hug.

I give the piece of lint a hug.

Mom: Can we get dressed now so we can go eat breakfast?

I guess she wasn't as excited as I was about the turtle I found.

February 19, 2012

At the Playground

It's February. There's no snow. And the temperatures are mild for winter. So, what else is there to do but get outside and play at the playground?