July 31, 2013

More Cool Bugs

It's time for another flower update. These flowers were blooming in mid-July.

We got an overnight visit from a couple of dragonflies. They bedded down in some of our spiderwort.

Mom got up early to take more pictures of the dragonflies.

About five minutes in to taking pictures, a bumblebee came buzzing along and bumped the dragonflies awake. They flew away, but Mom was happy with what she captured.

Lastly, I found a really cool, brightly colored bug in the garden.

July 30, 2013

More Bugs and Flowers

We have strawberries in our yard.

I enjoy picking them and eating them.

But some aren't good to eat because they've already been munched on by something else.

Mom found this strawberry with a slug on it.

I was very curious to check it out.

I thought it was pretty cool.

I also liked this red bug Mom found on a milkweed plant.

The milkweed has attracted a lot of these, as well as big, black ants. Mom was hoping it would bring in some butterflies.

And here's some more of what's been growing in the yard.

July 23, 2013

Bugs, Baby Birds, and More Buds

Our summer weather has been nearly perfect.

I think Mother Nature is making up for the long, long, cold winter we had, as well as the super wet spring.

I love playing in the yard, and I've been able to get outside almost every day.

Mom busies herself with the flowers in our yard.

I play in the dirt and look for bugs.

Sometimes I come across some really interesting insects.

When the days start to get hot, sometimes Mom will take me to a local wading pool.

On one trip to the wading pool, I ended up with a damselfly in my hair!

That same day, after we returned home, Mom found a baby bird that fell from its nest.

Dad put the baby back in its nest, but a few hours later, it was out again.

The next morning, Mom and I took the baby bird to a wildlife rehabilitation center. I hope he's doing okay.