November 24, 2012

Making Spirits Bright

The MN Landscape Arboretum is decorated for the winter holidays and is hosting holiday music on the weekends from now through Christmas. Santa Claus is also taking toy requests in the balcony area of the Oswald Visitor Center. I got to sit on Santa's lap for the first time this year. It was really exciting.

After listening to music and sitting with Santa, I ventured outside for a short walk. 

It snowed recently, though not much, and it has stayed cold. I don't mind the cold. In fact, I had fun freezing my fingers with what little snow I could find.

Returning to the visitor center, we decided to stroll through the greenhouse.

 I'm really glad we have a membership to the Arboretum so that we get to enjoy events/days like these.

November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sorry for the hiatus! I've been looking at houses. It's about time we moved again. I found one with a chicken coop. I was sold at first cluck. Hopefully, I'll have more to post from now on, at least until I have to start packing...

Anyway, have a Happy Thanksgiving!

November 3, 2012

Halloween Trick-or-Treating

Photos of Halloween night's trick-or-treating (posted a little late).

Orange pumpkin sign on the door means candy? Hurry! Run!


I think I made out pretty well for a three-year-old.