September 25, 2011

First Haircut

I got my first haircut yesterday, and I didn't even cry! Mom just had my ends trimmed to clean them up, so I kept most of my length.

September 19, 2011

Wild Rice Festival

I attended a Wild Rice Festival in Roseville, MN last weekend. While there, I ate blueberry and wild rice pancakes, I practiced throwing tennis balls (there was an area with games), and I watched Native American dancers perform. It was fun.

September 11, 2011

Driving Home

After a trip to a (very chaotic) Once Upon a Child store:

Mom: Are you ready to go home and see Daddy?
Me: See daddy?
Mom: Yep, we're going home and we'll see Daddy.
Me: Daddy

... and so on and so forth for the entire fifteen minute ride home. I didn't bug Mom at all.

September 8, 2011

Apple Picking

The morning after we got back from our mini-vacation, Mom took me out to the Minnetonka Apple Orchard to meet up with some friends and play.

We walked down to an area where there were animals and, nearby, a swing set. Along the way I picked up sticks and rocks, and dug my fingers into as much dirt as I could get away with.

I enjoyed watching some small goats eat leaves from a tree, but I enjoyed chasing after the goats even more.

I didn't find the llamas very interesting, but maybe it was because they didn't like me much either.

So, I went back to watching the goats and timidly petting them.

When we got to the swing set, I completely ignored the slide and went straight for the swings. I think they are going to be my favorite part of any playground.

As we were getting ready to leave, we walked past this gigantic rooster sculpture and I had to go check it out. Well, it was at least gigantic to me. 

Then Mom took a few pictures of me in the orchard with some apples we found on the ground.

I tried to taste one, but Mom said I couldn't.

Here I'm thinking to myself, "Hmmm, I wonder, if I throw these, how far they'll go."

September 7, 2011

North Shore Drive Going Home

On our way home from Thunder Bay, we stopped in Grand Marais, MN for a little walk and some lunch.

Thunder Bay Day 2

On our second day in Thunder Bay, we went to Fort William Historical Park. The park represents a fur trading post that was once in the area.

I got to feel bear fur and bear claws.

I checked out the hospital, and assured everyone I didn't need sugar lead or bitter almonds.

I watched a fight between the town drunk and the town doctor.

I chased after some chickens.

I watched the cows and tried to chew like them.

Then I went back to the chickens and had a staring contest with one of them.

After our day at the fort, we drove to Kakabeka Falls

We hiked around, spotting an osprey and an eagle.

And that was the end of that day.