September 7, 2011

Thunder Bay Day 2

On our second day in Thunder Bay, we went to Fort William Historical Park. The park represents a fur trading post that was once in the area.

I got to feel bear fur and bear claws.

I checked out the hospital, and assured everyone I didn't need sugar lead or bitter almonds.

I watched a fight between the town drunk and the town doctor.

I chased after some chickens.

I watched the cows and tried to chew like them.

Then I went back to the chickens and had a staring contest with one of them.

After our day at the fort, we drove to Kakabeka Falls

We hiked around, spotting an osprey and an eagle.

And that was the end of that day.

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Rach said...

I love seeing the northern sights through Evie's eyes! I've never been out there and it looks like the most idyllic place on earth. Looks like great memories!