July 26, 2011

Padelford Riverboats

Mom and Dad booked an hour and a half cruise on the Mississippi through Padelford Riverboats (and Groupon) for Sunday. We all had a really fun time.

After we picked up our tickets we had a few minutes to walk around and check out the view of St. Paul on the other side of the river.

Once we got on the boat, I split my time between sitting with Dad and walking around with Mom.

I did take a couple glances at the river.

Mom spotted some eagles, a couple egrets, a cormorant, and a heron. 

Mom and Dad learned some history about the Twin Cities, and I got to eat my very own popcorn.

It was definitely a good day.

Splash Pad Take 3

Mom and Dad took me to the Oak Hill Splash Pad on Saturday. They didn't feel like hanging out at home, but they wanted to relax. The happy medium was the splash pad. I got to run around and play, and since there's a fence around the area, Mom and Dad got to sit back and just watch me.

I made a friend and we had a lot of fun filling up cups and buckets and dumping the water on ourselves.

Then I got brave enough to walk through the water. It was much more fun than I expected.

July 25, 2011

Afternoon Walk

With the temperatures cooling down a little, Mom was able to take me out for a walk in the afternoon.

More pretty flowers were in bloom.

The light in the trees was very pretty.

Mom saw a heron.

The lake/pond was almost covered in lily pads.

And I got to feel a cattail. It was pretty cool.

At one point I wanted to stand up in my stroller, but I wasn't allowed. That didn't make me very happy.

July 24, 2011

What Did I Do During the Heat Wave?

Hmmm... Take a guess. I'll give you a hint.

It involves not one, but two...

of these...

July 22, 2011

Maple Grove Days

There was a festival of sorts near our home last weekend. Mom and Dad took me, despite the high temperatures and high humidity, which, when combined, made for a bit of an uncomfortable day outside. Nevertheless, I had fun.

We started our day at a book sale at the library. Mom was able to find a couple books that looked interesting to read, and I was content to people watch.

Then we walked around some booths with games and yummy fried food, like fried mac n' cheese.

After that, we made our way to a car show.

Near the car show, they had an area where emergency vehicles were parked. I got to sit in an armored vehicle...

in a fire truck...

on a stretcher in an ambulance...

and in a Hummer.

I didn't really get why Mom and Dad kept having me climb in the vehicles, but that was okay. After all our time outside, we ate lunch at Panera Bread. The air conditioning felt nice. And that was our day.

Oh, except for one more thing. I learned what a toad was. A baby toad found his way onto our patio and Mom and Dad showed him to me. I thought he was pretty cool, even if I wasn't allowed to touch him.