July 8, 2011

Splash Pad

Yesterday, we visited a park called Oak Hill, and it included a splash pad. We got to the park before the splash pad opened, so Mom took me to the toddler playground to run around. She was disappointed to find a fair amount of trash around the area, especially since I kept wanting to pick it up. In my defense, I don't realize it's trash until I get the chance to inspect it up close.

Because I wouldn't quit picking stuff up off the ground, Mom took me into the splash pad area before the water was turned on. It worked out anyway because she needed to change me into my swimsuit and put sunscreen on. The water was turned on just as Mom began applying the sunscreen. I got a little antsy to go play, and I didn't exactly make it easy for Mom to finish her job.

As soon as I was able to run around, I became hesitant to venture very far, and I stayed in one small area for quite a while just getting my hands wet.

I got splashed, and I wasn't sure what to think about that.

It made me a little nervous when other kids came around.

Eventually I managed to work my way to other parts of the splash pad, but I still stayed where I could easily see Mom...

...and run to her when I needed to.

All the running around and playing made me hungry, so I stopped for a snack break.

I stole a cup from someone else's stack of water toys.

I entertained myself filling the cup up with water...


...and over...

...and over again.

The splash pad was a lot of fun.

I even warmed up to being social with some of the other kids after a while.

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Rach said...

That is SO adorable!! Brings back memories of Olivia's first splash pad trip and her early ventures with water and cups. sigh.