April 30, 2013

Ordway Gardens, A Japanese Collection

Our perfect weather is set to end soon, tomorrow in fact. 

Until next week, we will have temperatures in the 40s and rain during the day. 

After 70 degree weather, I know 40 is going to feel quite cold.

I'm happy Mom made the time to get me outside a lot the last few days.

The growth in our gardens is looking so pretty.

And the buds on our maple tree finally popped!

Hints of green are everywhere.

I love spring.

The Ordway Gardens, a Japanese Collection, opened at Como Zoo earlier this month.

Mom took me to Como on Monday so she could see the new gardens, and so I could see the animals.

We walked through the conservatory to get to the Ordway Gardens, including the fern room.

The first part of the Ordway Gardens includes a small section of Bonsai trees. 

The Bonsai collection gets rotated every now and then, as there are something like 150 of these trees at Como!

Beyond the Bonsai section is an outdoor garden.

It's very pretty, with an island shaped like a turtle and a gravel pathway that crunches under your feet (the gravel was specifically chosen for the sound).

I was anxious to see the animals after the tour of the Japanese garden.

I visited the giraffes first, then the big cats.

After, I looked at some fish.

Then, I watched a bird dance.

It was a long day at the zoo.

And I fell asleep in the car on the way home.

It's a good day when I get tired enough to take a nap.

 And Mom took advantage of me sleeping when she got home to capture a couple more pictures of our pretty little crocus.