April 27, 2013

It's Spring!

For the weekend at least, the weather is wonderful, and I get to play outside!

It's supposed to cool down again next week and rain some, so I'm taking advantage of the warm sunshine.

Yesterday morning, I went for a walk with Mom and played for a while at a playground.

After returning home and eating lunch, I played in the backyard.

I got to stay outside for over three hours!

When Mom told me it was time to go in, I complained.

I was having too much fun.

Mom and I discovered all the plants that are growing in the yard.

We have no idea what most of them are.

Then, I played with blue chalk.

And I dug in the dirt.

I chased squirrels.

And I followed the stone path along the side of the house.

It was a good day.

It was a fun day.

It was a tiring day.

I didn't even make it through the bedtime routine before I was asleep.

I'm ready for summer.

I'm ready for dirt and sidewalk chalk and swimming and running.

Most of all I'm just ready to play in nature.

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