January 27, 2012

Two More Recordings

Mom has been playing around more with recording different interactions and moments. Here are two.

In the first, Mom was playing a game of throwing playing cards around the living room. She would count to three, then throw the cards up in the air. I really liked the game, and each time Mom began to count I would get really excited in anticipating the cards going everywhere. My excitement peaked with a lovely scream, which Mom happened to capture on her phone.

The second recording captured me reading a couple books (The Feelings Book by Todd Parr and Good Night, Sweet Butterflies by Dawn Bentley), and singing, at first, Rock-a-bye Baby, then Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to myself after Mom and Dad laid me down at bedtime.

January 20, 2012

Little Gymnast

I'm trying to figure out what my talents are. Maybe being a gymnast will be one?

January 17, 2012

Adventures in Potty Training

Over the last few weeks I've become interested in... well... no longer wearing a diaper and what I need to do to make that happen.

I've pretty much got the peeing in the potty part down, at least on the days I feel like doing it. But I've still been doing that other thing in my diaper.

Today, I decided I no longer appreciate wearing a diaper after that other thing happens in it. In fact, I decided the diaper needs to be removed immediately.

This morning and twice throughout the early part of the day I notified Mom that she needed to change my diaper, then I showed her my new trick of taking off my pants and diaper before she could even grab the wipes. Thankfully, everything stayed put in the diapers and Mom was able to clean me up and get a new diaper on without any real hassles.

Then came nap time. Or, as it is being renamed, quiet time. After a while of playing nicely in my room, I began to whine at the door. Mom, in the middle of cooking dinner, figured she had just enough time to go get me and get back to the kitchen without burning the food.


She should know better than to jinx herself with such thoughts.

As Mom entered my room, I greeted her at the door, saying, "Poop off!" Mom looked down to see both my pants and diaper missing.

Glancing around the room, Mom spotted my diaper over by my bed. Walking over to it, she could see skid marks inside the diaper, but... no poop.

Ha ha. I made a little treasure hunt for Mom to do! In the middle of cooking dinner! I'm awesome!

It took a couple minutes, but Mom eventually found it. It, with a capital I. Thankfully, I hadn't gotten the idea to try to draw with it or anything else. It just sat there, a gross, stinking lump on the carpet.

Mom cleaned me up. She cleaned up the carpet. Dad came home. He got me dressed. And Mom returned to cooking dinner.

I'm just glad Mom has a sense of humor about these things. Otherwise, I don't know how she'd cope with such fun entertainment as today's hunt.


It has been confirmed: I purr when I sleep.

Morning Announcement

Each morning I wake up and play quietly in my room until Mom comes to get me. I don't play alone for very long, just long enough for Mom to get a shower in.

When Mom arrives at my door, I greet her with an announcement. The other day it was that I had managed to unzip my pajamas. This morning it was that I needed a diaper change.

Before Mom even had a chance to sit down and get ready to change my diaper, I had taken my pants off and was working on undoing the diaper. I was quite anxious to get it off, and Mom soon discovered why.

January 14, 2012

Snow Day

It snowed!

See! I have snow in my hands.

And that makes me happy.

Are we getting more snow anytime soon?

I'll take what I can get.

But I'm still anxious to go sledding.

Test, Test

From Evie's Mom: I'm trying to add something new to the blog: audio. So, please bear with me while I test this out.

From Evie: Each morning I like to greet Mom with an announcement. Yesterday morning, it was that I had managed to get the zipper down on my pajamas.

Mom asked if she should take my pajamas off. I responded, "Huh?" That's my way of either saying no, or  that I just don't want to answer.

I asked Mom for help in pulling the zipper back up. She didn't do it right. I kept asking for more help, then I'd remind myself Mom couldn't do it right, so when she'd reach out her hand, I'd push it away and say, "No."

January 11, 2012

Read "Owl" About It

The Three Rivers Park District here in the Twin Cities of MN has a program called My Preschooler and Me: Book Worms Story Hour. Today's story hour was all about owls. Since I'm such a big fan of the birds, Mom paid the $4 per person to participate in the event and signed me up. It was held in a pavilion at Fish Lake Regional Park. Mom was thankful that the pavilion was an indoor space, as it was quite windy and sleeting the entire time we were there.

When Mom and I first arrived, we took some time to look at a few stuffed owls. I was incredibly excited about them!

Then, I got to feel the feathers from an owl wing. They were very soft.

I also investigated the feet and claws of a few different owls. 

After a few minutes of exploring, we sat down to listen to the story, Owl Babies by Martin Waddell. It's a book I like a lot. Little owl finger puppets were used to help tell the story. I have some at home just like them and I call them my owl babies, too. 

After the story, a real, live owl came out to greet us! 

I could not have been more thrilled!

This owl used to be wild, but he was only born with one eye, so he had a really hard time hunting. He was found nearly starving to death, but he has a good home now at the Eastman Nature Center in Elm Creek Park (another park close to Fish Lake and part of the Three Rivers Park system). 

After meeting the live owl, Mom helped me make an owl puppet. I colored in the owl's face, then we glued it to a paper bag in a way so that it looked like it was opening and closing its mouth. Then, we taped a piece of yarn with a cotton ball attached in the owl's "mouth" so it could "throw up" an owl pellet. Mom thought that it was pretty funny to have that included in the craft project.

Before leaving, I said goodbye to the owl one more time. I don't think he was too happy with Mom taking his picture once again.

Like a Walk in the Park

We told ourselves that that really nice 50 degree day in November was sure to be our last until winter ended...

Then we told ourselves that that really nice 50 degree day in December was sure to be our last until winter ended...

Well, yesterday, it was January 10th, and I told myself, "This really nice 50 degree day in January is sure to be our last until winter ends."

I guess we'll see. 

We took advantage once more of the warmer weather and got out of the house for a walk at Lake Camelot. 

I picked up pine cones and dried flowers from the side of the path.

Mom never thought this would be the early January view of this lake, especially thinking back on all the snow that welcomed us when we moved to Minnesota at this same time last year.

Mom's attempt at something more abstract.

It was such a beautiful day. 

Supposedly winter is starting at the end of this week. I kind of hope it does. I get excited each time it snows, and I'm ready to finally use the sled I got for Christmas.

January 7, 2012