January 17, 2012

Adventures in Potty Training

Over the last few weeks I've become interested in... well... no longer wearing a diaper and what I need to do to make that happen.

I've pretty much got the peeing in the potty part down, at least on the days I feel like doing it. But I've still been doing that other thing in my diaper.

Today, I decided I no longer appreciate wearing a diaper after that other thing happens in it. In fact, I decided the diaper needs to be removed immediately.

This morning and twice throughout the early part of the day I notified Mom that she needed to change my diaper, then I showed her my new trick of taking off my pants and diaper before she could even grab the wipes. Thankfully, everything stayed put in the diapers and Mom was able to clean me up and get a new diaper on without any real hassles.

Then came nap time. Or, as it is being renamed, quiet time. After a while of playing nicely in my room, I began to whine at the door. Mom, in the middle of cooking dinner, figured she had just enough time to go get me and get back to the kitchen without burning the food.


She should know better than to jinx herself with such thoughts.

As Mom entered my room, I greeted her at the door, saying, "Poop off!" Mom looked down to see both my pants and diaper missing.

Glancing around the room, Mom spotted my diaper over by my bed. Walking over to it, she could see skid marks inside the diaper, but... no poop.

Ha ha. I made a little treasure hunt for Mom to do! In the middle of cooking dinner! I'm awesome!

It took a couple minutes, but Mom eventually found it. It, with a capital I. Thankfully, I hadn't gotten the idea to try to draw with it or anything else. It just sat there, a gross, stinking lump on the carpet.

Mom cleaned me up. She cleaned up the carpet. Dad came home. He got me dressed. And Mom returned to cooking dinner.

I'm just glad Mom has a sense of humor about these things. Otherwise, I don't know how she'd cope with such fun entertainment as today's hunt.

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