February 27, 2011

Bedtime Story

There's nothing like reviewing your ABC's to put you in the mood to go to sleep.

February 26, 2011

Mess-maker, Mess-maker

Dad was in the kitchen baking cookies. Mom was at the computer. I wanted attention. So, I dug out some of Mom's paper for scrapbooking and made a nice mess of it.

February 24, 2011

Dr. Visit

I warned Mom I wouldn't be happy if she took me to the doctor.

But in the end I was okay. I just have a really bad cold and my bronchial tube is inflamed. So, sometimes my breathing sounds a little funny, but I'll get over it.

Conversations with Bird

Sticking My Tongue Out

I have a new talent.

February 23, 2011


When I get sick, I'm a little less energetic, have a little less of an appetite, but I try to get by with a good attitude. Which is why I left the agave sweetener and the pancake syrup in some interesting spots today. Only I know the motive behind these placements, but at least there's a pattern to it. I figured Mom would get a chuckle out of it, though.

It helps that Mom holds me a lot when I'm sick, and lets me fall asleep in her arms before bedtime, which I did again tonight.

*Cough* *Cough* *Sneeze*

Mom woke up this morning to find me standing silently in my crib. On a normal morning, I'm yelling and crying for her to release me the moment I open my eyes. She pushed my door open. At first I didn't notice her there. I was staring off into space, trying to not think about how sick I feel. Mom made a noise and I jumped, looked over at her with surprise, then grinned.

I laid my head against Mom's shoulder as she walked me across the room to open my blinds and let in some light. She then laid me down on the floor to change my diaper. Again, on a normal day, I would protest being put down, then do my best to escape before Mom could even reach up to unbutton my pajamas. If I couldn't escape then, I would be sure to escape before my new diaper could be put on and run around the room naked. 

This morning, though, I just lied there as Mom looked into my red, half-open eyes and felt how warm my body was from my fever. 

I didn't complain as she took off my pjs, didn't complain as she took off the diaper, let out only the slightest whimper when the cold wipe touched my bottom, and didn't complain when Mom grabbed the new diaper and put it on. 

As I waited for Mom to grab the clothes I needed to change into, I coughed and coughed and coughed and coughed. It was hard to breathe and I couldn't stop coughing. Mom got me fully dressed and took me downstairs for some Tylenol and a little breakfast. At least I still have my appetite. Well, most of it. What I wasn't interested in eating, I fed to the bird.

I'm feeling much better since Mom gave me the Tylenol and since I got some food in my tummy. My coughing isn't so bad now, either. I'm trying hard to keep a good attitude even though I don't feel good. As long as Mom doesn't take me to the doctor (I hate the doctor), I'm sure I'll be fine.

February 22, 2011


This is what I look like passed out on Mom's chest.

This is also what I look like when sick.

My usual bedtime is between 7:30 and 8:00 p.m.

Tonight, I think I might have made it to 7:01.

Figuring Things Out

I learn something new every day. Today, I figured out how to snap the buckle together on my seat. Tomorrow, I'll figure out how to undo it.

February 21, 2011

Peasant Girl

Just give me a basket with the some flowers, switch my pants out for a skirt, and direct me to a country lane.

P.S. Yes, I put the bandana on myself.

February 19, 2011

Charley Harper

Mom loves the artwork by Charley Harper. I don't pay much attention to it, but maybe one day I will, when I'm older. At least Mom really hopes so, especially since she bought me the Charley Harper Memory Game today. I guess she couldn't resist. And, yes, she knows she'll have to hold onto it for a few years before I can use it. They'll go by way too quickly anyway, the years I mean. It's no big deal.

February 18, 2011

Rite of Passage

Since Mom is now a Mom, there are certain rites of passage I must put her through. Today's: finding a bag in the kitchen containing some sort of foodstuff and dumping the entire contents on the floor.

Because I'm Cool Like Dat

I'm bringing back the 80s, sideways baseball cap style. What of it? It's cute.

I Am So Smart, S-M-R-T

Mom awoke in a daze this morning, exhausted from it having been a long week. She reluctantly rose from her bed and stumbled into my room to release me from the prison known as my crib, where I had been screaming for the last ten minutes or so. She changed my diaper, got me dressed, and carried me downstairs to make some breakfast.

As usual, I was hungry right away, and wanted food NOW. Mom shuffled around the living room, looking for my snack cup that contained a few left-over crackers from the evening before. She handed it to me and proceeded into the kitchen to get my breakfast ready.

I contentedly snacked away while Mom prepared my meal. She sat down at the computer while I finished my breakfast, and got up when she realized my drink cup was out of water. I handed her the drink cup, then handed her an empty snack cup, asking her to fill both. She headed back into the kitchen where she gave me more water to drink and more crackers to eat.

A few moments later Mom found me playing in the recycling bin in the kitchen. As she pulled me away from the bin, she reached down to grab my snack cup and water cup that was sitting on the floor nearby. It was then that she realized there wasn't just one snack cup there on the floor, but two. Realizing that Mom wasn't paying much attention this morning, I switched the snack cup she gave me first thing this morning with an empty snack cup Mom thought she had put in the dishwasher the other night, and I ended up with one half-full snack cup, and another completely full snack cup.

I'm pretty proud of how sneaky I was.

February 17, 2011

Sympathy for Others

There's a game I like to play with Mom called "chase the bird." You see, we have a pet cockatiel, and sometimes Mom lets him perch outside of his cage. When it's time for him to go back in his cage, though, he isn't always cooperative, and sometimes Mom ends up having to chase after him. She tries to convince the bird to step onto her hand or shoulder, then she tries to whisk him into the bathroom, where she can close the door, grab the bird into her hands in the darkness, then take him to his cage.

When Mom is at the point of chasing the bird, I join in with the game. As she runs between the living room and kitchen, attempting to entice the bird into stepping off the stovetop or a lamp, I run with her. As I run, I laugh and scream, and I skip around. With my endless energy keeping me going, I never tire of the game, and I'll play it as long as Mom and the bird.

Today, the bird was particularly stubborn and Mom started getting tired of running around. Realizing that the bird wasn't going to cooperate, she had to come up with some new tactics to catch him. At one point Mom reached out as the bird took flight from the kitchen countertop and caught him by the tail. The bird became angry, bit Mom, flapped his wings harder, and started to squawk loudly. Mom almost immediately let him go again, and he flew to safety of the top of his cage. But hearing the bird's cries of distress, I got upset and began to cry. I felt so badly for the bird, and I was afraid he had been hurt. Mom assured me that the bird was okay, but I just could not calm down.

Mom eventually chased the bird upstairs and into my room, where she was able to corner him and grab him from behind. She carried him against her chest, brought him downstairs, and placed him in his cage. I stood next to the cage watching him for a few moments, just to be sure he was okay.

Games are always fun until someone gets hurt, then I feel bad.

February 13, 2011

Snow Bunny

Really, Mom? It's 45 degrees outside. I have to wear this to go play in the snow? This is for a three to six month old baby! I don't care that it "technically" fits. I'm not a baby.

And don't think that offering me chocolate after I got back inside made me feel any better about having to wear that snowsuit. 

February 12, 2011

16 Months

Mom said she's going to try to be better at posting pictures on here from the camera now that our move is over and things have settled, more or less, into a routine.

16 Months

16.5 Months

February 10, 2011

Painted Hearts

Valentine's hearts cut by Mom, and painted by me.

Earlier this week Mom brought out a blank page of blue paper and a blank page of green paper. She set the colored paper down on the kitchen floor, then dabbed some pink and orange finger paint on each piece of paper. I did my best to create fun designs on the paper and cover myself and the floor in as much paint as possible. Mom then set the pieces of colored paper aside to dry. After the paper dried, Mom drew some hearts and cut them out. 

And this is how they look.

(I'm going to try to get Mom to take a better picture, with the real camera, not her phone.)

Maybe I'll send a few to my grandparents, that is if I can get Mom to part with any of them.

February 9, 2011

For You Crafty Parents...

We already know kids are crafty...

So, why not put it to use and work on some fun, beautiful projects?

Write a love letter in invisible ink for Valentine's Day (hint: all you have to use is lemon juice).

Create instruments out of cardboard.

Do some simple origami.

Roll up some paper beads.

Paint with ice cubes.

Or just check out this site, and find something that appeals to the kiddos (the parents won't be able to resist).

The best part about the site is that these crafts are so easy, so fun, and so cheap.

Busy Day

I discovered a tail feather the bird plucked while preening.

I figured out how to brace myself against the wall while climbing the stairs so I can walk up them, not crawl up them.

I played the game of shutting my bedroom door in Mom's face. It's practice so I'll be ready for the real thing in about twelve years.

I took a quick look at the layout of the upstairs bathroom. I noticed the blue stool and the drawers in the middle of the cabinet, then put two and two together. 

What a busy, busy day.

February 8, 2011

Fixin' Dinner

I wanted to provide my mom with some inspiration for what to fix for dinner. So, I took it upon myself to grab some cans out of a cabinet and stack them up for her. I'm not really sure if everything will taste good together, but it looks good to me.

Mmmm... Apricots and tomato paste...

February 4, 2011

Waiting for Dad

Mom and I sat in the waiting area of a Sports Haircut place while Dad got his hair cut. They had a big TV in there tuned to channel... you guessed it... ESPN. I was captivated. There's something about sports commentators talking that is just so interesting.

I scream

Yesterday I tested one of my girly abilities: I stood on the couch screaming.

February 2, 2011

Tiny Dancer

You turn music on, I dance.

The video is a little dark, but I was having a lot of fun.

February 1, 2011

New Milestones

(Me playing dress-up in one of Mom's skirts.)

I figured out how to jump.

I did a somersault by myself.

And when Mom finishes changing my diaper, I pick up the old one and run to the trash can to throw it away. (Yeah, that's not really a milestone, but Mom thinks it's too cute to not mention.)