October 31, 2011

Halloween Night

I just had to report that I had an awesome night tonight!

I had no idea to expect trick-or-treaters, and when our doorbell rang for the first time, I ran over to Mom with a very concerned look on my face. Who could be wanting to come over to our house???

When Mom opened the door, she handed me a bowl of candy. At first I thought it was for me. But it was for the kids standing outside in their costumes! Once I realized that the game involved ME giving candy to THEM, I started to have a lot of fun.

After that, every time the doorbell rang, I could hardly wait to go to the door and see who was there. I was so proud to put candy in each kids' bucket or bag.

I had so much fun and used up so much energy, that by my bedtime (7:30), I could hardly keep my eyes open. I went to sleep without so much as an even a tiny complaint.

October 24, 2011

Costume Portraits

Since it ended up being windier and cooler the day I went trick-or-treating at the farmer's market than Mom and Dad thought it would, they didn't get as many pictures of me in my costume as they wanted. So, on Sunday, I put my costume on again (which I didn't mind because I really, really like it), and we drove to Elm Creek for a little walk and some portraits. Mom thinks they came out super cute.

My First Painted Pumpkin

First, let me just say, I LOVED this project, even though it didn't work out quite as well as Mom hoped.

The project went like this: Mom put masking tape on one of my small pumpkins and cut out a design. Then, I painted the pumpkin with some kid paints Mom already had at home. Finally, after the paint dried, Mom pulled off the tape to reveal the design underneath the paint.

Mom set up my painting station outside because it was such a nice day, and she didn't have to worry about me getting paint on the carpet or anything else in the house.

Mom placed the paints in an empty egg carton. It worked really well.

Then she gave me some foam brushes and let me do my thing.

I don't think I've ever concentrated so hard on a project before.

Mom quickly realized that the paint wasn't working very well. She should have done her research about what types of paint to use on a pumpkin. But I didn't mind.

Mom and Dad stepped in at the end to help get the whole pumpkin covered in paint. 

After it dried and Mom removed the tape, I liked what I saw. Mom wished it could have turned out a little bit better, but it was still a lot of fun and something we'll have to do again next year.

October 23, 2011

Minnesota Pumpkin Patch

We had so much fun going to a pumpkin patch last year that we couldn't pass up the opportunity to go to one again this year. Since we live in a new state, we went to a new patch called Dehn's Family Farm and Pumpkin Patch. This year's spot wasn't quite as picturesque, but I had a lot of fun.

I played in a corn pit for the first time. It's literally a pit filled with dried corn. Mom and Dad hadn't even heard of anything like this until moving to Minnesota. I could have stayed in this spot for the rest of the day.

I also rode in a wagon for the first time.

I helped Mom and Dad pick out a pumpkin to carve. There weren't many good ones left out in the field, but we eventually found one. We also bought a couple of small pre-picked pumpkins back at the barn for me to paint and decorate. (More pictures are coming later of my painting project.)

After we picked out our pumpkins, I fed the cows up by the barn. Then Dad paid for our pumpkins, and we headed home. I think Mom and Dad should make visiting a pumpkin patch a fall tradition. 

October 20, 2011


It was trick-or-treat day at the Farmer's Market near our home today. So, I got all dressed up and collected some candy, an apple, and a couple gourds. One of the gourds kind of looks like a duck, so I've been walking around the house holding it out and quacking.

I was very excited about my ghost costume, and Mom and Dad taught me how to say, "Boo!" I also learned "trick-or-treat," and I made sure to say thank you for all the treats I got.

October 19, 2011

Over the Top

Want to see a new trick I can do?

I can fill a cup so that the level of the water is higher than the rim of the cup.

October 17, 2011

What Are You Going To Be For Halloween?

I'm going to be a ghost.

Mom made the skirt and painted the shirt.

Better photos will be coming when I get to go trick-or-treating.

Smart A...

Each weekend we do the grocery shopping together as a family. Recently, it became more difficult because I did not want to sit in the cart. Instead, I wanted to run amok through the store, grabbing whatever products I could from the shelves. It's easier for Mom and Dad to do the shopping together (it minimizes extra trips during the week for forgotten items), so they tried to think what they could do to continue our family shopping tradition.

Mom and Dad quickly realized that what I needed was to be given a job while at the store. So, now, it is my job to put the groceries we need into the cart. Whenever we buy something not too heavy, not packaged in glass, or basically not breakable, I get to stand on my tiptoes and drop it into the cart. Sometimes, if the items are low enough, I even get to pick them off of the shelves.

While this strategy works most of the time, there are times I still want to run amok through the store. Our local grocery store keeps kid-sized carts at the front, and sometimes I am lucky enough to snatch one up to push around. But pushing the cart occassionally puts the idea of running and slamming into things (or people) into my head.

This past Sunday was no exception. Mom and Dad weighed my cart down with a bag of apples, hoping to help me go slow. But, it didn't really work. As we headed to the check-out stand, I tried to run. Mom stopped pushing her cart, Dad pulled back on my cart (so I couldn't push it forward anymore), and both turned to me and told me that I needed to walk slowly. So what did I do?

I proceeded to the check-out stand, walking as slow as I possibly could, taking a couple of seconds for each step.

October 16, 2011

Sometimes, I Just Want Mom

Each night, I pick two books to read before bedtime. Mom usually reads one, and Dad usually reads one. Sometimes, I like to change the routine.

Last night, I decided I didn't want Dad to read any books to me. Mom read the first book. After I grabbed the second book to be read, I sat back down by Mom again. Dad scooted over so he could read the book, but I scooted away. So, Dad scooted in close again. So, I scooted away again. We repeated this a few times, until I scooted over to Mom's lap. Then, when Dad tried to read, I covered the pages of the book so he couldn't see the words, and I leaned into Mom's lap with a little, whiny, "No."

Mom read the second book to me.

Then I happily went to bed.

Sometimes, I just want Mom.

(And, sometimes, too, I just want Dad.)

October 11, 2011

Crosby Farm Park

On Sunday, I visited a part of the Mississippi National River and Recreation Area called Crosby Farm Park. It was a beautiful day, and I enjoyed walking with Mom and Dad along the path by the Mississippi River.

We stopped for a little while on the shore. I threw rocks into the river.

I sat on a tree trunk.

And Mom spotted this little leaf floating calmly on the water.


I like it when Mom gives me a job to do, whether it is writing thank you cards to my grandparents...

...adding Halloween decorations to a window (I stuck on the ghosts and a couple of the bats)...

...pulling clothes out of the dryer, handing Mom the silverware from the dishwasher tray, wiping down the coffee table with a diaper wipe, and on and on and on. 

I'm such a good little helper.

October 7, 2011

Fall in Minnesota

I don't know if it's like this every year, but the last couple of weeks have been beautiful in Minnesota. The weather has been favorable, and the colors on the trees are very pretty. Mom has taken me out for a few walks to enjoy the last days of being able to get outside before the cold weather comes.

We walked around Lake Camelot on Monday looking for birds. We mostly saw ducks and geese, but did catch a glimpse of an egret.

There were some flowers still hanging around despite the changing seasons.

The weather was so warm, warm enough for shorts and short sleeves. No brisk air fall walks for us, not yet at least.

The maples have been especially vibrant this year.

On Tuesday, Mom took me to Elm Creek. We looked for turtles and snakes. We found a baby snake. It was so small, Mom thought it was a worm at first.

We walked a new path through the woods. It was so pretty.

On the way back to the car, I put together a collection of sticks from our walk. It's becoming a tradition on our nature walks.