October 16, 2011

Sometimes, I Just Want Mom

Each night, I pick two books to read before bedtime. Mom usually reads one, and Dad usually reads one. Sometimes, I like to change the routine.

Last night, I decided I didn't want Dad to read any books to me. Mom read the first book. After I grabbed the second book to be read, I sat back down by Mom again. Dad scooted over so he could read the book, but I scooted away. So, Dad scooted in close again. So, I scooted away again. We repeated this a few times, until I scooted over to Mom's lap. Then, when Dad tried to read, I covered the pages of the book so he couldn't see the words, and I leaned into Mom's lap with a little, whiny, "No."

Mom read the second book to me.

Then I happily went to bed.

Sometimes, I just want Mom.

(And, sometimes, too, I just want Dad.)

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