October 29, 2010

Comic Entertainment

Hi! They call me Pumpkin Hand.

I have a pumpkin for a hand.


Guessing Game

I am officially saying my first word. What is it? Mom and Dad have absolutely no clue!

Mom can hear a "t" sound and a "k" sound. And I say it when I want Mom or Dad to grab whatever I am holding in my hand. Mom does not think it is the word "take" (if that is what you are guessing).

Mom and Dad will probably figure it out someday. Until then, as long as I can hand objects to them, I'm happy.

October 27, 2010

Little Helper

Mom washed my laundry today. I'm always excited to watch the clothes spin in the soapy water in the washing machine (it has a see-through door on the front that is a perfect height for me to look through). Today, I helped Mom switch the laundry. She let me reach in the washer, grab a piece of clothing, and hand it to her, until every bit made it into the dryer. Mom said something about it taking much longer than usual, but she said she liked the help. I liked helping, and I probably will until I realize what helping really means (work).

Dance Party

October 21, 2010

The Amazing Race

I'll admit it, I don't make it easy for Mom to clean the apartment. There are just too many drawers, nooks, and crannies with wonderful treasures to discover. So, yesterday and today, Mom challenged me to a race. She bet me that she could get a room clean before I could finish eating an entire piece of toast while sitting in my Pack n Play. I'm not one to back down from a challenge, so I agreed to the competition.

Yesterday, Mom focused on picking up her bedroom and vacuuming the carpet while I snacked away. Lucky for her, she finished with her job before I finished my toast. And lucky for me, I got to run around the dining and living room leaving a trail of crumbs as I ate the last few bites. (I knew Mom didn't want to just vacuum in her bedroom yesterday.)

Today, Mom focused on cleaning the master bathroom. It took a bit more time and effort, and I won today's race. I waited patiently for about two seconds for Mom to notice, then I stood in the corner of my Pack n Play and yelled at Mom until she got me out.

So, the results so far are a tie.

Yesterday, it was Mom -1, Evie - 0.

Today, it was Mom - 0, Evie - 1.

October 19, 2010


I succumbed to a food coma while still in my chair after lunch...

...and dinner.

October 18, 2010

You're My Obsession

Mom keeps a hand vacuum behind a chair in the living room. It is my mission each day to separate the vacuum from its charging base.

Mom tried to clean the living room a little bit today. Then, I sat in her lap while she read a book about colors. I noticed halfway through the book that Mom put the vacuum on its charger. So, I got up, walked over to the vacuum, took it off the charger, and returned to Mom's lap.

She should know by now that I'm probably going to have a tendency to be as particular as her.

October 16, 2010

Guess How Much I Love You?

Sometimes, when I need my diaper to be changed, I go and give my mom a BIG hug to say,

"I know how much you love me, enough to change my poopy diapers. And speaking of which, do you smell something?"

What Was That You Said?

Mom is teaching me sign language. Then, I can communicate more. I'm picking it up pretty well.

I know the words hungry, cup (for thirsty), and dad. Of course, I also know to shake my head for no, nod my head for yes, wave my hand for hi and bye, raise my arms to be picked up, and point to objects I want.

I'm working a little bit on vocalizing more, too.

When I see my mom or dad reach for something I want, I giggle in thanks. But if I don't think they give it to me fast enough, I scream.

When my diaper is dirty I whine a little. When I want attention, I whine a lot.

And when I'm hungry and don't feel like signing, I pace the room uttering, "eeeeee."

It may not seem like I can say a lot, but I can say enough. And I understand a lot of my mom's words. So she can ask me questions when she doesn't know what I want to say. It works for now, for me. I think my mom is anxious, though, to hear me talk more.

October 13, 2010

October 12, 2010

First Birthday Party

The day after my trip to the zoo my mom and dad threw a birthday party for me. I had a lot of fun. And my mom thinks I was spoiled with all the presents I got. One of my favorites was a teddy bear from my grandpa.

My mom printed lots of pictures and made some decorations to hang. She also bought lots of balloons. A few were even bigger than me! My grandpa surprised my mom and bought a set of Hello Kitty balloons, as if I didn't have enough already. But they were the perfect addition.

The best part of the party was finally getting to eat my cake! My mom and dad let me have it all to myself. I couldn't have been more excited.

October 11, 2010

Trip to the Zoo

My mom thought it would be fun to create a blog dedicated to me, Evie. Then family and friends could watch me as I grow. I recently turned a year old, but I have no idea what that means. My mom seemed to think it was a big deal. My grandpa, my mom's dad, came to visit and celebrate my birthday. I let him hold me the first day he was here, then I got scared that he would take me away from my mom and dad. I didn't want him to hold me anymore, at least for a few days. At the end of his visit I let him hold me again. I even fell asleep in his arms.

My first birthday celebrations began with a trip to the National Zoo. I was more interested in the animals this time than when we went a few months ago.

The visit fell on a very nice day. It was sunny and not too warm. The male lion treated us to the best show. He strutted throughout his enclosure, roaring as he paced around.

My mom likes to think I was excited about it, but I might not have even noticed. I don't even really know what a lion is anyway.

By the time our trip was over I had seen a bear, a panda, many birds, elephants, a tiger, a lion, gorillas, and farm animals. 

It was a really fun day. It tired me out.