October 16, 2010

What Was That You Said?

Mom is teaching me sign language. Then, I can communicate more. I'm picking it up pretty well.

I know the words hungry, cup (for thirsty), and dad. Of course, I also know to shake my head for no, nod my head for yes, wave my hand for hi and bye, raise my arms to be picked up, and point to objects I want.

I'm working a little bit on vocalizing more, too.

When I see my mom or dad reach for something I want, I giggle in thanks. But if I don't think they give it to me fast enough, I scream.

When my diaper is dirty I whine a little. When I want attention, I whine a lot.

And when I'm hungry and don't feel like signing, I pace the room uttering, "eeeeee."

It may not seem like I can say a lot, but I can say enough. And I understand a lot of my mom's words. So she can ask me questions when she doesn't know what I want to say. It works for now, for me. I think my mom is anxious, though, to hear me talk more.

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