May 31, 2013

Bird Nest

I spent months pretending to be a bird.

I would flap my wings.

I would tweet.

 I ate seeds.

If anyone asked me my name, I'd reply that it was Birdie.

Mom became Mom Birdie.

And Dad became Dad Birdie.

My clothes were my feathers.

The only thing missing was a nest.

 So, I decided to build one.

I found a basket in my room.

I threw a pillow and blanket into the basket.

And my nest was complete.

I didn't tell Mom and Dad about my plan.

I just let them find me in my room asleep in my nest.

Mom and Dad moved me back to my bed.

I woke up upset to no longer be in my nest.

So, the next morning Mom helped me build one out of blanket in my bed, so I could still have a nest, but sleep comfortably.

May 28, 2013

Flowers Blooming Part 3

Pink Tulip


Strawberry Bloom

Grape Hyacinth

Peach Blossom Tulip?



Lilac Blossoms

Dwarf Bearded Iris

May 27, 2013

Rain and Holz Farm

Just as the last half of winter involved seemingly endless cold and snow, the last half of spring is bringing endless rain.

Last week ago, the rain came in the form of morning thunderstorms, with warm, muggy weather following in the afternoon.

This week, it has been steady rain with chilly, grey days.

I want the sun back.

I want to be able to play outside again.

A week ago, on Sunday, after some thunderstorms passed, I went to a place called Holz Farm for their spring festival.

The farm was settled in the 1870s and in the family until 1993.

The City of Eagan purchased the farm in 1995 and preserved much of its history. 

Today, the farm represents what it looked like in the 1940s.

There were various activities available at the Spring Festival.

Some things were free, some things you had to pay for, although most activities cost only one ticket per person (or $.50 per person, and most activities were just for kids) to do.

Carting hay around in a wheelbarrow was a pretty big hit for me, and the other kids, too.

Watching a farm worker heat, hammer, and bend metal was kind of cool.

When he passed around the finished piece of metal, I wanted to keep it, but I couldn't.

I've been a little obsessed with tractors since I saw my neighbor's garage floor get torn up by a Bobcat a few weeks ago (it was so they could pour a new concrete floor).

I took a hay ride with Mom and Dad, and I think that was even better than playing with the wheelbarrow.

In front of the barn, workers gave demonstrations of how to make rope, and for $.50 you could make your own piece of rope (with their help).

The farm house had a lot of really old stuff in it, and I wasn't interested in looking at it. 

I was more interested in seeing the farm animals, including chickens, goats, sheep, cows, and rabbits.

We left the farm just in time, as right before we got home, a huge thunderstorm rolled in.

We got inside the house just before it began to pour its hardest.

After the storm passed, the plants in the yard were covered in water drops.

Many of our tulips were bent over from the wind and rain.

The water on all of the plants looked really pretty, though.