May 21, 2013

Flowers Blooming Part 2

Mom cannot resist taking more and more pictures in the yard.

And I cannot resist playing in the dirt.

It works well, except when Mom is in the backyard taking pictures, and I'm sneaking up to the front yard.

There's a patch by the street that used to have grass but is now all dirt.

I guess the previous owner killed the grass last summer so she could plant stuff there.

But then she sold her house to us.

And all I want to do is sit in the dirt and dig.

But Mom and Dad caught me halfway down the block once when I was playing in the front yard by myself.

Now I'm supposed to play where Mom can watch me.

Or I can play in the backyard, where Mom can close a gate to keep me out of the alley.

But there's not any dirt to dig in the backyard.

That's okay.

It turns out Mom likes to spend enough time in the front yard that I get to get my digging in.

My favorite is to pretend I'm planting flowers.

I think I like gardening.

I also like to get water from our rain barrel and water the plants, even though it keeps raining enough that we don't need to water our plants.

I still like to point out the new things I see growing.

Lately, that has been a lot of stuff!

I think I have a pretty fun yard.

Mom thinks so, too.

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