May 5, 2013

Spring is Back

Mother Nature must have gotten tired of hearing all the profanities being muttered over the winter weather that returned last week. Spring was not set to return until tomorrow, but it made its reappearance today. I think all of Minnesota rejoiced with a walk in the park.

Mom and Dad took advantage of the weather to do a little more cleaning in the yard while I emptied our rain barrel of half of its water (to pour on the stone steps going alongside the house). I also busied myself with digging in dirt, picking up worms, trying to spot a robin's nest in one of our trees, and jumping in a puddle in the neighbor's driveway.

Mom has spotted columbine growing in various parts of the yard.

Tulips are everywhere, as well.

Mom's not sure what this is. She's just eager to take pictures of anything not white, gray, and really cold and wet.

Our neighbor's lilac getting ready to flower.

Mom doesn't know what this is, either.

Or this. 

The light on the crocus was really pretty.

Mom spotted a robin working on this nest today. 

The raspberry plants are starting to leaf out.

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