May 31, 2013

Bird Nest

I spent months pretending to be a bird.

I would flap my wings.

I would tweet.

 I ate seeds.

If anyone asked me my name, I'd reply that it was Birdie.

Mom became Mom Birdie.

And Dad became Dad Birdie.

My clothes were my feathers.

The only thing missing was a nest.

 So, I decided to build one.

I found a basket in my room.

I threw a pillow and blanket into the basket.

And my nest was complete.

I didn't tell Mom and Dad about my plan.

I just let them find me in my room asleep in my nest.

Mom and Dad moved me back to my bed.

I woke up upset to no longer be in my nest.

So, the next morning Mom helped me build one out of blanket in my bed, so I could still have a nest, but sleep comfortably.

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