June 30, 2011

Centennial Park

On Sunday, a few of my cousins met up with our family at another park in Twin Falls called Centennial Park. It sits along the Snake River, and there is another waterfall at this park. There's a path that takes you under the falls. It scared me a little having the spray from the falling water hit my face.

Dad took a portrait of Mom and me with my cousins.

After visiting the park, we drove to a resort town called Sun Valley. We had dinner with Mom's oldest brother and some of his family. When we got back "home" I decided to try to break in to a barn area so I could get closer to some big dogs. My mom's brother brought the dogs out so I could play with them. I screamed each time they put their noses in my face.

Shoshone Falls

I flew in a plane with Mom and Dad to Utah last week, then Dad drove us up to Idaho for a few days. While we were there, we stopped at a place called Shoshone Falls in Twin Falls, ID. The falls are part of the Snake River and they're really pretty. I saw the falls last year, too, but I didn't remember that I had seen them before. It was Dad's first time visiting, though.

June 18, 2011

The Birds and the Flowers

This morning was cloudy, warm, and muggy. It was perfect for a walk by the lake to look for birds.

We spotted a pair of wood ducks.

Then we spotted a mama hanging out with her babies.

It was a good time for getting pictures of the flowers growing in the lake since the sun wasn't producing any glare.

This girl was looking for grubs.

She found one!

(The little white thing by the bird's beak, poking up out of the green pad, is the grub.)

Dad walked with me and held my hand. It's nice when Dad takes these walks with us. It's usually just Mom and me. I definitely enjoy the weekends!

On the other side of the lake we spotted another pair of wood ducks, or maybe they were the same pair as earlier before. I don't know.

And we spotted another mama with older babies.

June 16, 2011

Sticks and Tones

Today, Mom took me to see a kid's band called the Sticks and Tones. We showed up early to get a good seat. Since we had some time, Mom took me down by a pond behind the stage to watch some geese and fish.

When it got close to the time the band was going to play Mom took me back to our seats. She set me up with some snacks, and I relaxed for a while on the blanket.

Pretty soon the area was full of people and the band was ready to start playing.

I practiced some of my best dance moves while the band played.

I had a really good time. So did a lot of other kids.

June 14, 2011

Caponi Art Park

Mom drove me to Eagan, MN today to check out Caponi Art Park. Every Tuesday morning throughout the summer, the park holds a "family fun event." Today, we listened to American folkloric music.

I waited patiently for the music to start.

A lot of other adults and kids showed up for the performance.

It started with some drumming.

Then there was some charango and guitar playing. 

There was a little bit of story-telling.

I enjoyed the performance...

For the first half hour.

They invited some kids to participate in playing instruments and singing. I was too little to go up.

I started to get distracted as the performance continued.

Eventually I demanded Mom take me for a walk around the park.

Mom listened to the end of the performance while I ran around. It was a good time, although the event was designed for kids a little older than me.

June 12, 2011

Fun and a Run

Sometimes when Dad needs to go for a run, we all go to a park together where Dad does his run, Mom takes me for a short walk, then we meet up at a playground and I get to play. We usually go to the lake by our house because it's a short drive. Mom has enjoyed seeing the landscape change with the seasons. She says there's usually something new to photograph each time we go. Tonight, she took these pictures.