June 3, 2011

Some Like it Hot

We had thunderstorms and pouring rain this morning. After they passed through, Mom took me out for a walk. She wanted to get out while it was still morning. It was already hot enough, and it was only going to get warmer as the day went on.

Mom bought me some new jelly shoes. She loves that they are back in style for kids. I loved wearing them today.

I refused to ride in my stroller for most of our walk.

The leaves and grass were such a bright green after all the rain.

On our way back to the car, I had to check out the birds flying around the boardwalk one last time.

When we got close to the car, Mom stopped the stroller to take a picture of me. I wasn't happy.

Then she said, "C'mon pretty girl. Just let me take your picture." Well, okay, if she'll call me a pretty girl I'll cooperate.

I started having fun, and even played a little Pat-a-Cake.

Then it was time to finish our walk. I helped pull the stroller while Mom pushed.

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