June 14, 2011

Caponi Art Park

Mom drove me to Eagan, MN today to check out Caponi Art Park. Every Tuesday morning throughout the summer, the park holds a "family fun event." Today, we listened to American folkloric music.

I waited patiently for the music to start.

A lot of other adults and kids showed up for the performance.

It started with some drumming.

Then there was some charango and guitar playing. 

There was a little bit of story-telling.

I enjoyed the performance...

For the first half hour.

They invited some kids to participate in playing instruments and singing. I was too little to go up.

I started to get distracted as the performance continued.

Eventually I demanded Mom take me for a walk around the park.

Mom listened to the end of the performance while I ran around. It was a good time, although the event was designed for kids a little older than me.

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