June 6, 2011

Clifton E. French Regional Park

Mom took me to a park called Clifton E. French Regional Park today. There's a large playground there, as well as a beach. Mom and I visited the park back in November when we traveled to Minnesota with Dad so he could interview for the job he has now. It looked a little different today than it did seven months ago.

There were pretty flowers in bloom.

The day was hot, and the water was warm, so we spent some time on the beach, something we didn't do the last time we visited.

A large group of school kids visited the park as well, I think for a field trip (whatever that is). I watched as some of the kids learned how to paddle in a canoe. 

I walked up and down the beach, feeling the sand between my toes.

I got wet.

And I made sure to dig around in the wet sand and get myself covered in it. 

I threw a tantrum, during which I lied face down in the sand, when Mom said it was time to go get some lunch. Mom had to carry me to my stroller, covering herself in the sand that was all over me. She swore next time to bring a towel and a change of clothes (for both her and me). 

Once I got settled in my stroller, I was over my tantrum. Besides, I realized I was really hungry. We ate lunch at the visitor center (and I donated a dollar to help fund a program to help get other kids out in the parks), then Mom let me run around a little bit more outside in the grass. She tried to take me to the playground, but it was so busy, I kept getting run over.

Before we left, she set up the camera and took a portrait of her and me. I think she did a pretty good job, since she manually focused the camera and had to use the timer.

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