June 18, 2011

The Birds and the Flowers

This morning was cloudy, warm, and muggy. It was perfect for a walk by the lake to look for birds.

We spotted a pair of wood ducks.

Then we spotted a mama hanging out with her babies.

It was a good time for getting pictures of the flowers growing in the lake since the sun wasn't producing any glare.

This girl was looking for grubs.

She found one!

(The little white thing by the bird's beak, poking up out of the green pad, is the grub.)

Dad walked with me and held my hand. It's nice when Dad takes these walks with us. It's usually just Mom and me. I definitely enjoy the weekends!

On the other side of the lake we spotted another pair of wood ducks, or maybe they were the same pair as earlier before. I don't know.

And we spotted another mama with older babies.

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