December 30, 2010

Year in Review

It's been quite a year. So much has happened, so much has changed. In typical year-end tradition, here is a review of what my year has been like.

January 2010

I visit the holiday train exhibit at the United States Botanic Gardens.

Dad teaches me how to play the Wii.

February 2010

I venture out in the snow for the first time after Snowmaggedon.

Mom and Dad take me to the National Portrait Gallery.

March 2010

I finally get to taste "solid" food.

Mom and Dad take me to the National Aquarium in Baltimore

April 2010

I attend the National Cherry Blossom Festival for the first time.

I visit my cousins in Virginia.

May 2010

I discover that I don't like carousels.

I travel on a plane for the first time, all the way to Utah, to visit family and sightsee. 

June 2010

I check out the Capital Pride Festival with Mom and Dad.

July 2010

I dip my toes in the Shenandoah River near Harper's Ferry National Historical Park.

I chase after a bird at the National Zoo.

August 2010

I check out the planes and space shuttle at the National Air and Space Museum in Virginia.

September 2010

I discover that I really like to swing.

I experiment with finger paints.

October 2010

I celebrate my first birthday.

I rally for sanity at the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear.

I dress as Little Red Riding Hood for Halloween.

November 2010

I eat my first real Thanksgiving dinner.

December 2010

I celebrate the holidays with my first Christmas tree and my first visit from Santa.

December 28, 2010

December 26, 2010

Santa's Visit

Santa came to visit on Christmas Day! I didn't see him, but he left some things behind, so I know he was here.

I was especially happy about the push-and-ride toy. Somehow Santa knew that I wanted it.

Mom and Dad gave me some presents to unwrap that had been sitting under the tree. I'd been checking out those presents for days. I couldn't believe they were all for me.

I got lots of books. I love books!

I think Dad bought this one for me.

One present was a little heavy for me.

It was a wooden xylophone!

Mom and Dad bought me some new clothes, some warm clothes.

I'm ready to go to Minnesota!

The last present I opened was my very favorite one --  a cell phone! I keep trying to steal Mom and Dad's phones, but they don't like it. Now, I have one that is all my own. I waited very impatiently for Mom to remove it from the box.

Now I get to talk like Mom and Dad do.

I had a great Christmas morning!