May 15, 2013

Mother's Day Trip to Como Zoo and Conservatory

Mother's Day weekend was a bit cool.

By cool, I mean temperatures in the 40s with 20 mph winds on Saturday.

The few tulips that were in bloom in our garden shut themselves up tight until the weather improved.

Sunday was a nicer day, with a cool morning, but the high reaching into the 50s. 

The Como Zoo and Conservatory featured a special bonsai exhibit for Mother's Day weekend. 

So, on Sunday, that's where we headed.

Mom wanted to see the summer flowers in the Sunken Garden room first.

I took a few flower pictures of my own (they're at the end of this post).

When we left the Sunken Garden, I was ready to go see the animals, but Mom and Dad headed to the Japanese garden instead.

Sometimes, it's a little hard to be patient while walking around gardens.

And in the Japanese garden they are very strict about NOT letting you climb on rocks.

I don't understand why they put them there if I'm not supposed to climb them.

What other use would a big rock have?

After the Japanese garden I ate some lunch. 

Then, FINALLY, I got to go see the animals.

The gardens were busy, but the zoo was packed!

There was even a line to get into the monkey house.

I've never seen lines to see the animals at the zoo before.

I wanted to see the gorillas first, but Mom and Dad decided to save that for the last, hoping the crowd would get a little smaller by then.

I did get to see the giraffes and the lions.

I also got to see the polar bear performing backstrokes in its pool.

By the time we made it back to the monkey house, the crowd had thinned enough that Mom and Dad were willing to brave going inside.

There was a large crowd by the gorillas, but I still got to catch a glimpse of them.

We've never been to the zoo with it so busy before, but it was still fun.

Mom is glad we live nearby and that there's no pressure to try to see everything at once.

My flower pictures:

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