May 18, 2013

There's Nothing Else to Do...

...But take photos of what is growing in the yard.

Oh, Spring, when you finally arrive in Minnesota, you are appreciated.

Almost all of the tulips in the yard are now in full bloom, and you will be seeing more photos in the coming days.

The gardens are looking more lively.

Although we lost the robin's nest in our birch tree, the neighbors have a new resident in their crabapple!

One robin worked hard at gathering mud, wet leaves, and grass, while the other robin sat on a wire to keep watch.

 The blossoms on our cherry tree finally emerged.

And while I played outside, Mom kept herself entertained with the 50mm lens and a super shallow depth of field.

It felt like summer on this day, with the temperature reaching as high as 90 degrees.

Mom bought a sprinkler for the yard the other week.

It has advantages beyond watering the grass and gardens on hot days.

By the end of the day, some of the blossoms on the cherry tree fully opened.

And that's it. All-in-all, it's a pretty typical day at home now that it's warm.

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