May 24, 2013

EcoArts Festival and Helping at Home

On Saturday, I attended the EcoArts Festival, a "free, family-friendly event that educates and inspires the next generation of stewards for our earth through the arts."

When I first arrived all I noticed was the playground, that one over there.

I tried to explain to Mom and Dad that it would be fun to go play over there, but they said something about it being too wet (it had poured rain all morning) and not wanting me to get sand all over my clothes.

So, I moved on to a tent where kids could make mosaics in CD cases with beans and glue. 

Hmm, how was I supposed to do this again exactly? Oh yeah, put the beans in the glue.

After designing my mosaic, I made a necklace out of a recycled, laminate tile sample, confetti pieces, and buttons.

The girl who helped me was really patient with me trying to decide what pieces I wanted to glue onto the tile.

I was really happy with my necklace when it was finished.

I found a bunch of wind chimes, and I thought they were pretty neat. I really liked the sounds they made.

The arts festival was a smaller event than Mom thought it would be, so it didn't take long to pass by each booth.

The festival was located by Harriet Island, in a park by the Mississippi River, with a nice view of Saint Paul.

We walked a little along the river after enjoying the art activities.

I collected a bouquet of dandelions.

I listened to a blackbird yell at me from nearby.

I looked at some interesting trees.

I hugged a really big tree.

I found a slide to go down. 

And I found rocks to climb on.

I couldn't leave the park without giving one more tree a hug.

When we got home, Mom took some more pictures of the garden.

I helped Dad shuttle wood chips to the front yard so he could put some in the gardens. I like helping in the yard.

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