October 5, 2011

Art Project

A few weeks ago, I started a class with my mom through a program called Early Childhood Family Education, or ECFE. For the first half hour of the class, my mom and I do art projects together, play with toys, and sing songs. Then my mom leaves the room to go to her own class to talk about parenting/childcare while I continue to play. Last week I wasn't very happy about separating from my mom, but this week, I hardly noticed she was gone.

A super cute art project was set up for us today. My mom and I collected colorful leaves through the past couple of weeks and brought them to today's class. At the art table, paper cutouts of leaves were placed out. My mom helped me glue on some of the leaves we brought, then I painted over the paper and the leaves. After I finished and my mom hung the project by the window, I kept pausing in my play to look at my art and point out the leaves. I was very proud of my creation.

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