February 10, 2011

Painted Hearts

Valentine's hearts cut by Mom, and painted by me.

Earlier this week Mom brought out a blank page of blue paper and a blank page of green paper. She set the colored paper down on the kitchen floor, then dabbed some pink and orange finger paint on each piece of paper. I did my best to create fun designs on the paper and cover myself and the floor in as much paint as possible. Mom then set the pieces of colored paper aside to dry. After the paper dried, Mom drew some hearts and cut them out. 

And this is how they look.

(I'm going to try to get Mom to take a better picture, with the real camera, not her phone.)

Maybe I'll send a few to my grandparents, that is if I can get Mom to part with any of them.

1 comment:

terra cotta momma said...

that is so adorable! I think I am going to steal the idea!