February 18, 2011

I Am So Smart, S-M-R-T

Mom awoke in a daze this morning, exhausted from it having been a long week. She reluctantly rose from her bed and stumbled into my room to release me from the prison known as my crib, where I had been screaming for the last ten minutes or so. She changed my diaper, got me dressed, and carried me downstairs to make some breakfast.

As usual, I was hungry right away, and wanted food NOW. Mom shuffled around the living room, looking for my snack cup that contained a few left-over crackers from the evening before. She handed it to me and proceeded into the kitchen to get my breakfast ready.

I contentedly snacked away while Mom prepared my meal. She sat down at the computer while I finished my breakfast, and got up when she realized my drink cup was out of water. I handed her the drink cup, then handed her an empty snack cup, asking her to fill both. She headed back into the kitchen where she gave me more water to drink and more crackers to eat.

A few moments later Mom found me playing in the recycling bin in the kitchen. As she pulled me away from the bin, she reached down to grab my snack cup and water cup that was sitting on the floor nearby. It was then that she realized there wasn't just one snack cup there on the floor, but two. Realizing that Mom wasn't paying much attention this morning, I switched the snack cup she gave me first thing this morning with an empty snack cup Mom thought she had put in the dishwasher the other night, and I ended up with one half-full snack cup, and another completely full snack cup.

I'm pretty proud of how sneaky I was.

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