January 14, 2012

Test, Test

From Evie's Mom: I'm trying to add something new to the blog: audio. So, please bear with me while I test this out.

From Evie: Each morning I like to greet Mom with an announcement. Yesterday morning, it was that I had managed to get the zipper down on my pajamas.

Mom asked if she should take my pajamas off. I responded, "Huh?" That's my way of either saying no, or  that I just don't want to answer.

I asked Mom for help in pulling the zipper back up. She didn't do it right. I kept asking for more help, then I'd remind myself Mom couldn't do it right, so when she'd reach out her hand, I'd push it away and say, "No."


terra cotta momma said...

so cute!

Evie & Evie's Mom said...

Thanks! Hopefully I (Mom) can fine-tune this and make it a regular thing on the blog.