April 14, 2013

Minnesota Children's Museum

Winter has returned and it is keeping spring at bay. It's been grey, cold, and windy. And we've gotten more snow than we'd like to ever see in April. I am as sick of this weather as Mom and Dad. Unfortunately, we will have to wait at least one more week before spring arrives, if it ever does.

I desperately needed to get out of the house this weekend, but with the wretched weather, where to go? I needed somewhere I could run mostly free and dictate the pace of the day. And so it was decided I would head to the Minnesota Children's Museum.

First stop: The Earth World Room

I spent a little time upstairs looking at a live snake and turtle, as well as checking out some animal skulls.

After I was done upstairs, I headed straight for the stream exhibit, where I played with plastic tadpoles and lizards.

Lastly, I moved on to the ant hill, where I was more interested in running up and down a ramp than climbing through the ant tunnels.

Second Stop: The Dora And Diego Visiting Exhibit

This is a pretty large exhibit, but I was only interested in three parts of it: The slide, a car, and a machine that sucked up balls from one tube and spit them out of another tube.

Final Stop: World Works

I still have yet to explore much of this exhibit. I know there are water tables in the back, and that is where I run to. I think I'd be happy to spend an entire day in just this one spot.

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