April 22, 2013

April Snowstorm # ... Oh I Lost Count

I have a dentist appointment tomorrow morning. That means Mom has to clear the car of the six inches or so of snow we're supposed to get tonight. Don't be jealous.

And since there's not any spring growth to take pictures of, enjoy some more photos that make you think maybe Christmas is right around the corner.


Sara said...

I know what you mean, everyone here in Denver is super sick of the snow every other day, and I don't think we're getting nearly as much as you. The weather lady keeps saying that this is normal for April, it's the last several years that have been weird. I thinks she's going to get mobbed if she keeps that nonsense up.


Evie & Evie's Mom said...

I had heard that Colorado was getting more snow. We finally have a forecast that includes spring weather... supposedly at the end of the week it will arrive. I'm not sure if the weather people are just making sure they don't get attacked or if its true.