July 3, 2011

Fourth of July Holiday Stay-cation

Since we had to arrange a trip last week at the last minute, Mom and Dad chose to have a stay-cation this weekend. All of us needed to catch up on sleep. In fact, I think Mom and Dad are still working on that part. It's taking them a little longer to recover.

It's been pretty warm over the last few days, so we spent some time yesterday at our complex's pool, then today Mom and Dad took me to the swimming pond. Mom and Dad have spent more time in the water and on sandy beaches in the few weeks of summer we've had so far here in Minnesota than they spent in the five years Mom and Dad lived in Maryland.

The last couple times I've gone in the water I've practiced kicking under water.

The nice thing about our pool is being able to walk to and from it. Yesterday, I insisted on helping carry the camera bag. 

Then I saw a few BIG rocks sitting to the side of the sidewalk, and I made a run for them.

Dad helped me climb up, then jump down, the biggest one.

Mom and Dad like the swimming pond because there's a shallow area you wade into. It gives me the chance to play alone in the water, with Mom and Dad close by, of course. It helps me feel a little more comfortable in the water when I can touch the bottom of the pond.

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