September 6, 2011

Thunder Bay Day 1

We drove to Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada for the Labor Day weekend to visit my grandparents. We packed a lot into the weekend, and it was a lot of fun.

On Saturday, we started our day at Eagle Canyon Adventures. The park has Canada's longest foot suspension bridge, and it has a zip line.

After we crossed the bridges, Dad rode the zip line, while the rest of us walked to the bottom of the canyon to watch.

After visiting Eagle Canyon, we drove out to Ouimet Canyon. I slept in the car while Mom, Dad, and Grandpa walked out to the viewing platform. 

At the end of the day we drove out to a little town called Silver Islet. It used to be a mining town, but is now a vacation spot with various cottages lining the water. Some of the cottages are the original houses the miners lived in.

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