July 23, 2013

Bugs, Baby Birds, and More Buds

Our summer weather has been nearly perfect.

I think Mother Nature is making up for the long, long, cold winter we had, as well as the super wet spring.

I love playing in the yard, and I've been able to get outside almost every day.

Mom busies herself with the flowers in our yard.

I play in the dirt and look for bugs.

Sometimes I come across some really interesting insects.

When the days start to get hot, sometimes Mom will take me to a local wading pool.

On one trip to the wading pool, I ended up with a damselfly in my hair!

That same day, after we returned home, Mom found a baby bird that fell from its nest.

Dad put the baby back in its nest, but a few hours later, it was out again.

The next morning, Mom and I took the baby bird to a wildlife rehabilitation center. I hope he's doing okay.

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