February 29, 2012

Beginning to Look a lot like Winter

Well, it only took until the end of February for us to get a big winter storm. We had ice rain last night, then it snowed about 4-6 inches (the initial predictions were for 6-12 inches). It wasn't much fun to drive in (according to Mom), but it was a lot of fun to go play in.

Dad went sledding with me, while Mom took pictures.

I hugged a snowman made by one of our neighbors.

 I searched for sticks buried in the snow.

And I found some!

Hmmm... What happens if I pull on this branch?

Oh no! Snow in the face!

Not cool, Tree. Not cool!

I decided it would be better to stick to brushing snow off of lower branches.

I got one more picture with Dad.

Then I went sledding down the hill all by myself!

I wanted to keep sledding, but Mom and Dad were too tired, so we went inside and ate yummy soup for dinner. A perfect end to a snowy day.

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