February 20, 2012

Morning Imagination

Morning Conversation with Mom

After Mom comes in my room to get me dressed for the day and take me downstairs for breakfast, I walk over to the door in my bedroom, peek behind it, crouch down, and say:

Me: Ohhhh, look!
Mom: What is it?
Me: Look!

Mom crawls over to see what I see.

Mom: What do you see?
Me: A turtle!

I point to a piece of lint.

Me: Look! A turtle!

I pick up the piece of lint.

Me: Look! It's on my hand!
Mom: Yep, it's on your hand.
Me: Ohhhh, it's soft! Hug.

I give the piece of lint a hug.

Mom: Can we get dressed now so we can go eat breakfast?

I guess she wasn't as excited as I was about the turtle I found.

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