November 23, 2011

Thankful List

10. I'm thankful for hugs and kisses. I ask for them a lot, and I give them out a lot.

9. I'm thankful Mom takes me to the park and the pool. They're my two favorite places in the summer.

8. I'm thankful Mom gets crayons out for me almost every day. I really like to color.

7. I'm thankful for fall leaves. They're fun to crunch under my shoes.

6. I'm thankful for all of the fun I have in my Early Childhood Family Education class, even if I complain when Mom goes away.

5. I'm thankful that the coffee table sits close to the couch so I can jump from one to the other.

4. I'm thankful that the bird lets me chase him all around the living room.

3. I'm thankful I can say a lot more words. It's easier to communicate when you can say what you want.

2. I'm thankful for my rocking chair, and I make Mom and Dad rock me every night.

1. I'm thankful for my books. I love to read.

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