February 12, 2013

Adventures in Allergy Testing

A little over a week ago I ate a cashew for the first time, and I had a bad reaction to it. In my own words, "I ate a cashew, then I throwed up." The morning after my reaction, Mom called to set up an appointment with an allergist. That appointment was today, and I had to do a skin test. Mom warned me that it might hurt or pinch a little, then it would probably itch.

After talking to the doctor for a few minutes, a nurse brought in what she needed in order to do the skin test. She had me lie down on my stomach, then she drew lines on my back, and the letters A and B. The A side was a control, the B was to test tree nuts. I lied very still and didn't make a sound while the nurse poked my back. As soon as she finished, I was able to sit up. The nurse left the room, and I dissolved into tears.

And this is why I was crying.

It hurt to get the pokes, then my skin felt really itchy, but I couldn't touch it. I couldn't even get a regular hug or cuddle from Mom because not even she was allowed to touch my back. It was horrible.

After talking to Mom and crying for a few minutes, I decided I was ready to try distracting myself with something fun. Mom gave me some Hello Kitty stickers, and I focused on sticking them to a piece of paper (and Mom's hand, and my hand).

Except, not even the Hello Kitty stickers were enough to keep me from tearing up a couple more times.

When the nurse came in to check on my back, I told her I didn't want anymore pokes. 

Mom learned that I am definitely allergic to cashews, and that I have to stay away from all tree nuts from now on. I also have to have an epi pen. 

Mom and I were both exhausted after the appointment. At least I got to sleep in the car on the way home.

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