November 30, 2013

Decorating the Christmas Tree

 'Tis the season...

We had a nice Thanksgiving. We cooked a small turkey, and made a casserole, some mashed potatoes, and bread. It was a good meal.

On Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, Evie helped me haul our Christmas tree ornaments up from the basement. She was pretty excited to get started with decorating the tree. And she thought adding hooks to the ornaments was pretty fun, so I didn't stop her from taking over that task.

Evie filled in the lower half of the tree with ornaments. Considering that I'm not much taller than Evie, Jon mostly added the rest, where Evie nor I could reach.

Evie took the time to perfect the placement of her ornaments, moving them from one branch to another, then back again, then to another new branch.

Or, she just had so much fun putting ornaments on the tree that she didn't want to stop. 

I eventually convinced Evie to step away from the tree with a promise to make sugar cookies together. She loves to help in the kitchen.

Really, she does love to help.

Even better, she likes the tasks she gets to do completely on her own.

We finished our day with taking a batch of cookies to a neighbor. We're almost ready for Christmas, now. Evie just needs to go tell Santa what she wants from him, which she'll be doing soon.

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