April 21, 2014

Easter Weekend - Saturday

Easter Bunny costumes are kind of corny, and at times creepy, but when your 4-year-old REALLY enjoys visiting the Easter Bunny, you don't say no. I mean, look at that grin. She's super happy.

Besides, the Easter Bunny happened to be at a garden center event where there was also a "petting zoo," i.e. chicks and bunnies. So cute. 

And no Easter holiday is complete without coloring eggs. I'm hoping next year to try some natural dyes. This year, we stuck with the store-bought, dissolving tablets.

To patiently wait for eggs as they sit in dye is kind of hard to do when you're four.

But Evie stuck to it and waited for the timer to ring. No sooner than after it went off, Evie got to work pulling the eggs from their dye bath and putting them in a container to dry.

Waiting for the eggs to dry was a little easier. We took a walk through the neighborhood, and when we returned, the eggs were ready for the last step in getting them decorated: adding stickers. 

Then it was time to wait for the Easter Bunny to come and leave treats...

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